Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NPC Bikini show June 13th!!!

I have decided to compete in a bikini competition for NPC!! This will be a great start for me since i don't have that much muscle to begin with. I'm excited to see the changes my body will make and to finally step on stage. Got to get over that fear and be confident. I already ordered my suit yesterday and having my sis add a bit of bling to it. Its black with some glitter threading throughout, very pretty. I have been working hard at the gym and been pretty on point with the diet. My competition is on June 13th in Alabama. A few more people from the gym are doing the show too so that helps with the motivation and commitment. 9 weeks out!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Finally i got a blog up, not much of a blogger and this is all new to me so be patient with me :P I will blog when i get a chance and try to get to read some other blogs as well. I see that there are some hidden pictures and stuff that i didn't know would be in people's blogger. Getting my sister to help me customize my blogger. Come read my craziness!

A little about me:

Name: Elsa
Age: 31

Height: 5'
Goals: BUILD muscle and do a figure competition this year or next year (already have the suits and hooker heels). I want to build a good base before attempting a show. Regardless i want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Focus body parts: Quads
Best body parts: Shoulders
Training: Split workout - weights 5xs a week, cardio 6xs a week (BULKING)

SO there you have it, a little bout me for the people that don't really know me :)